We live on 80 acers outside of Wellington, CO along the front range.

We have had Standard Poodles as part  of our family for 20+ years. It all started with a blue poodle named Storm. I wanted a dog to join our family and my husband, Brian, wanted a hunting dog. My problem is that Brian and our son, Logan, have allergies to dogs. I started my research for our next family member and found that Standard Poodles are great dogs for people with allergies and they started out as hunting dogs. I then started my research for a hunting line of Standard Poodles and I found Storm. I trained him to be my husband's retreiver and he became so much more. We fell in love with the breed. My son, Brandin, wanted his own poodle. I told him if he could teach Storm a trick I would get him his own Standard Poodle. He taught Storm his right paw from his left paw and Rain joins our family. I showed Rain and Blizz (Storm and Rain's daughter) in the show ring. I now have Blizz, Blizz's daughter Star and Thor (from Gingerbred Red Poodles). We are a small breeder as I only raise one to two litters a year and we only raise Standard Poodles. They are raised in my home. When our grandchildren come to spend the night Thor and Star abandon our bedroom to sleep and protect them. They protect the grandchildren to the point that when I let Thor and Star out in the morning they come back and lay at the grandchildren's bedroom door until they get up.

My interest are obediance, agility, and retreiving. I breed for temperment, ability, and soundness.

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Sandi and Brian Gage